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The Bella Moss Foundation is a not for profit charity that relies solely on donations. In just under five years we have expanded our work across the English-speaking world. Our uniqueness is that we are the only charity to bridge the gap between human and animal medicine. Over the past few years we have saved hundreds of animals lives.
BMF collaborates with leading practitioners and universities to facilitate continuing professional development (CPD) seminars for veterinarians and nurses. In addition we host international scientific meetings for people working in the field of epidemiology and surveillance of diseases effecting companion animals and livestock. Our CPD seminars and conferences help medical professionals keep updated on their clinical knowledge on infectious diseases.

For pet carer's we offer support and advice on caring for infected pets,and preventing unwanted infections in animals. Our clinical advisors are happy to have informal discussions with doctors and vets on the management of cases, this intervention directly helps to save the lives of animals.

The Bella Moss Foundation's mission is to provide education and save lives with early detection of infections in animals, we can only do this by raising awareness and for this we need your help.

Visit our other websites: and take a test of your knowledge on infection control

* The Bella Moss Foundation is a UK registered charity (1122246)

“The ‘Bands for Bella’ project is a great way for the Bella Moss Foundation to reach new audiences who may be unaware of the BMF's longstanding mission to promote pet safety and to educate pet owners about MRSA and other pet-associated infections. Bella's memory has continued on through the important work Jill Moss and her colleagues have done through the charity; Now, it will flourish in the artistic talents and musical legacy of this fantastic new album.
Each year, the Bella Moss Foundation educates countless pet owners through the web, seminars and pet shows on ways that they can keep their families and pets safe.  BMF also plays an essential role in fostering improved knowledge and recognition of pet-associated infections in the veterinary community.  Without the Bella Moss Foundation, many pet owners would have no other single resource for this type of critical information.  There are hundreds of millions of pets worldwide, but only one Bella Moss Foundation.

Richard L. Oehler, MD (Bella Moss Foundation USA Advisor)
Associate Professor of Medicine
University of South Florida College of Medicine Tampa, FL, USA

"Much as MRSA has emerged as a tremendous problem in human medicine, it is having a significant impact on animals. This impact can be wide ranging, including the obvious impacts of animal illness and death, as well as public health concerns and impacts on the positive relationship that people have with their pets. While MRSA will not be eradicated and the risks can never be eliminated, efforts of the Bella Moss Foundation are helping veterinarians and pet owners like, through education and support."

J Scott Weese DVM DVSc DipACVIM BMF USA Advisor

Dept of Pathobiology
Ontario Veterinary College
University of Guelph
Guelph, Ontario